The Founding Sisters

Lisa and Tin, esteemed co-founders of Sky’s the Limit Tours, share a rich history rooted in their upbringing in a rural Midwestern town. From an early age, they cultivated essential outdoor living skills, mastering the art of fire-building, tent pitching, responsible outdoor cooking practices, and appreciating the natural rhythms of the environment. Their collective journey has instilled within them a profound reverence for the wilderness.

Following their individual pursuits of higher education in mountainous regions, Lisa and Tin found common ground in Montana, where they united their passions to establish Sky’s the Limit Tours. Drawing upon their extensive experience and deep-seated love for the outdoors, they embarked on a mission to provide unparalleled excursions within Yellowstone National Park.

At Sky’s the Limit Tours, Lisa and Tin’s vision extends beyond mere exploration; they are committed to empowering visitors with fundamental skills to navigate and thrive in grizzly bear country confidently. Their dedication to fostering a familial atmosphere ensures that every guest feels welcomed and supported throughout their journey.

For an unforgettable adventure guided by expertise and warmth, look no further than Sky’s the Limit Tours.

Our Guides


Lisa Joslyn

After graduating from the University of Iowa, Lisa moved to the mountains of Colorado where she pursued and completed a Master’s in Education. She has recently written digital courses for authors such as Dr. Jane Goodall and Dr. Peter Levine for Sounds True Publishing and taught digital storytelling (narrative-based video production) at the college level for 10 years. As she followed her curiosity, she took her hobby of visiting nature into an intentional field of study. Her knowledge of how people learn allows her to customize relevant information on wildlife, history, and ecology to her guests. Lisa has her Wilderness First Aid certificate and CPR certifications. She’s the proud parent of two, Grant and Taylor.

Tin Bindi

Kristin, known as Tin, relocated from Iowa to pursue her academic endeavors out west, culminating in the attainment of degrees in Outdoor Leadership, Sustainability, and Ecology. With over a decade of professional guiding experience under her belt, Tin brings a wealth of expertise to her role. During her collegiate years, Tin honed her guiding skills with esteemed organizations such as "Save the Frogs" in Peru, while also contributing to the leadership of yoga teacher trainings and tours across diverse locales including Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, India, and Uganda. Driven by a profound passion for connecting individuals with the wonders of the natural world, Tin is dedicated to imparting knowledge encompassing ecological, biological, geological, and historical insights to guests throughout every excursion. In addition to her guiding prowess, Tin boasts a multifaceted skill set as an acrobatic paragliding pilot, Wilderness First Responder, herbalist, artist, as well as practicing and teaching AcroYoga. When not leading expeditions in Yellowstone, Tin can often be found traversing the globe to indulge in her love for paragliding adventures.