About Us

We are a family owned, female run, environmentally conscious, local business. We value inclusivity and helping people connect to the land. We are a team that creates unique travel experiences. Our expert local guides are passionate about showing you the wonders of nature. Our small group sizes mean we can minimize our environmental impact in remote regions and provide an authentic wilderness experience. Together we can work as a team and tailor the journey to be the experience of a lifetime! We have a strong commitment to quality with the professionalism and friendliness that characterize our service.

Yellowstone’s uniqueness comes from its rich fauna and its relatively untouched wilderness where humans are only visitors. Long before Present Grant and the US government officially protected Yellowstone as the first National Park, it was the lands, waters, and home to Indigenous people from 27 tribes. We honor the long history and current presence of Indigenous people. 

Our modern day society threatens this wilderness with pollution, urbanization and sometimes even wilderness tourism itself if it is not done in the respect of the environment. Therefore, the conservation of the habitats and species of Yellowstone is of the highest importance, not only to preserve the high quality of wilderness for tourism but above all to ensure the preservation of the wilderness for future generations!

We practice Leave No Trace principles on all of our tours:

Plan ahead and prepare.

Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces

Dispose of Waste Properly

Leave What You Find

Minimize Campfire Impacts

Respect Wildlife

Be Considerate of Others


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